Analysis of mining operation in orissa

On 18 Maythe Siliguri Kishan Sabha, of which Jangal was the president, declared their support for the movement initiated by Kanu Sanyal, and their readiness to adopt armed struggle to redistribute land to the landless. On 24 May, when a police team arrived to arrest the peasant leaders, it was ambushed by a group of tribals led by Jangal Santhal, and a police inspector was killed in a hail of arrows.

Analysis of mining operation in orissa

Rehabilitation is a program that helps a person who is recovering from illness or injury to regain as much function as possible. Rehabilitation also aims to teach strategies for ongoing disabilities. Resettlement is a process with a start and a finish and as a discrete area of work separate from generalist hostel work, from counseling, key working, from outreach and from long-term tenancy support work.

It does link in with these areas of work but needs to be understood as separate from them. We could say that resettlement support is where the client is still on the learning curve.

At the point at which this levels out, and is just maintenance support it becomes housing, or tenancy support. Types of displacements and magnitude: What is disaster related displacement? Disaster may be natural as well as man made for example Tsunami and Bhopal gas tragedy.

This may also happen due to ever growing population, the vast disparities or in income, rapid urbanization, increasing industrialization development within high risk zone, environmental degradation and climate change.

What is development related displacements? Mega development projects like construction of dams, industries, highways and roads resulted in forced displacement of the people.

It has been found that usually it is the poor people who face the consequences of such projects more because their livelihood, habitat and assets are affected. In most of the cases such displacements have resulted in loss of livelihood and shelter.

Analysis of mining operation in orissa

Several civil society groups, activists and organizations have expressed the fear that this process could lead to acquisition of agricultural land causing large scale displacement of farmers in the name of industrialization. Hence there is a need to provide suitable relief and rehabilitation package, including giving stakes to the displaced persons whose land has been acquired for setting up of SEZs.

In the state of West Bengal, large scale violence took place in March and November on the issue of proposed land acquisition for setting up a mega chemical hub and a Special Economic Zone covering about 10, acres of land in Nandigram and adjoining areas.

The commission took suo motu cognizance of the case and not only called for report from the State Government but also sent its own investigation team.

What is conflict induced displacement? The cases relating to relief and rehabilitation of Kasmiri Pandits and victims of Gujarat riots in Development caused displacement generates varied responses from different sections of society and it also creates a differential impact on the lives of people.

It is generally believed that development efforts, which does not leave majority of its people worse off and promotes health, education and income could be regarded as participatory.

But most of the development projects operate in totally opposite direction where majority of the project affected families are left to fend for themselves with poorly planned, badly executed, inappropriate and inadequate rehabilitation plans.

The resettlement and rehabilitation for them becomes all the more difficult in the absence of state level policy and legislative mechanisms. This is the case of India where compulsory acquisition of land for public purpose particularly for infrastructural and industrial projects in public and private sector has aggravated the already existing inequalities and is instrumental in uprooting people from their natural habitats both in the pre and post-colonial periods.

With globalization and trade liberalization, the increased demand for land has provided further boost to the miseries of displaced persons evicting them from their homes and forcing them to give away their assets and means of livelihood. Women are the worst affected among the displaced people.

Being the otherwise most discriminated and vulnerable, displacement add to their already existing miseries.

Development process thus has brought forward the biggest challenge of resettlement and rehabilitation of the persons displaced by the development projects. With a long history of displacement complemented by a poor record of rehabilitation; a conservative estimate reveals that from toaround 21 million people have been displaced from their locations for the purpose of dams, mines, industries and wildlife sanctuaries.

This Act does not have any provision for rehabilitation. Since then untilany state government or Central Government enacted no legislation or a policy for resettlement and rehabilitation. It was only when states like Madhya Pradesh inKarnataka in and Maharashtra in enacted laws however, without properly laid down rules and regulations for resettlement and rehabilitation of the people displaced from state-level water resource projects; the legacy of the colonial government was broken.

These policies were, however, alleged to be formulated under the pressure from the World Bank. The first draft of this policy was brought out in and thus the policy was long overdue. This policy has however generated a debate among the scholars about its relevance for the project-displaced people.A recent mining boom in Odisha accelerated and diversified economic growth in the Indian state.

However, the boom did of which can be improved through a spatial analysis of present stores of fines, the projected production of fines, and their likely mining operations and to share benefits more equitably.

To advance. New Delhi: The Supreme Court today allowed Aditya Birla group firm Essel Mining and Industries Limited (EMIL) to resume operations at two of its iron ore mines in Odisha after the company submitted that it has paid a penalty of Rs 1, crore. EMIL, one of the largest Indian iron ore mining firms.

During the period, Chemical analysis of minerals/ore samples consisting of constituents were undertaken by the Analytical Laboratory of the Directorate of Mines. An amount of Rs lakhs was collected on account of analysis charges of commercial samples.

Collection of Mining Revenue. Mining Royalty is an important source of revenue for Orissa. The collection of mining revenue has . RFP for Owner’s Mining Consultant Page 3 of 10 which one project shall be outside India, with benchmark operational results.

At least one such project shall be in operation or under implementation. REGULATION OF MINING OPERATIONS IN ODISHA A Primer in How to Kill the Goose that Lays Golden Eggs. Nilmadhab Mohanty * The Government of Odisha (GOO), through its Department of Steel and Mines, has in.

Analysis of mining operation in orissa

Table-III The mining districts Vs HDI of Orissa 10 Table-IV Risks & challenges of developing sustainable mining & strategy Response 10 Table-XVI Soil analysis result of site- II 34 Table-XVII Standard Soil classification 35 Table-XVIII Annual rainfall of Keonjhar district ()

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