Analyzing leadership and motivation styles at tata steel

The metal industry is basically a start-up for the introduction of any country. For a standard development of India, which is emerging as an expeditiously industrialized country, it was very essential to accomplish the technical change in the making of flat iron and material. Today, a few of the top countries which produces metal are growing countries. For example, China is one of the most significant metal producing country on earth.

Analyzing leadership and motivation styles at tata steel

In order to win the cooperation of followers, a leader has to successfully resolve more people-oriented issues than job-related issues.

Therefore, without human-relations skill, which emphasizes the need to understand people, one cannot be a successful leader. These apart, a good leader should also have communication, teaching, and social skills, which form a part of the human skills.

A leader should have good communication skills to be able to persuade, inform, stimulate, direct, and convince the followers.

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Communication means transfer of information in the form of an understandable message. It helps in establishing and disseminating the goals of an enterprise and enables the leader to create a climate in which people want to perform.

Teaching skills, therefore, also form an important component of human skills. Similarly, to win the confidence and loyalty of followers, leaders should also have the requisite social skills. Social skills require a leader to understand the followers and be helpful, empathetic, and friendly with them.

This skill requires sensing the organization from an over-all perspective. A leader should have the ability to look at the organization as a whole. Technical skill involves specialized knowledge, analytical skills, and competence competence is the aggregation of skills, knowledge, and abilities for doing a job.

These apart, principles, procedures, and operations of a job also add to the technical skills. Therefore, expecting followers to do the jobs without the leaders themselves possessing the requisite technical skills would not be useful.

To get the best from the followers, a leader should also have the personal skills such as intelligence, emotional maturity, personal motivation, integrity, and flexibility of mind.

Tata Iron and Steel set up in comes under Tata group which is a private multinational firm with its headquarters at present chairman is Ratan Tata who took over from JRD Tata in With the continuous efforts,its operations covers many fields related to industry,application engineering,information technology,communications. This case focuses on analyzing the progress of the different approaches to management and their impact on organisational behaviour. Understanding leadership, leadership theories, trait theories, behavioral theories, contingency theories, leadership styles, leadership skills, determinants of leadership, challenges to leadership in virtual. It examined in detail several Tata companies, including Tata Consultancy Services, Tata Teas, and Tata Steel, to evaluate their strategies in globalisaing markets, with a focus on the role of M&A in the internationalisation process of Tata Group.

While discussing the leadership theories, we have first taken a cursory view of the theories and subsequently grouped them in four major categories. Hawthorne Studies and Kurt Lewin and Likertdiscussed about participative styles of leadership, which lead to increased job satisfaction and higher performance.

Here, the leader places emphasis on tasks and person-oriented behaviour e. These theories, on the other hand, include charismatic leaders and transformational leadership. The leader of this category appeals to values and vision and enthuses others by raising their confidence-levels and motivating them for change.

Such leadership comes from their compelling vision that draws in commitment and acceptance of change and offers a potential for everyone to grow and develop with that vision.

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The qualities required are trust, loyalty, devotion, commitment, inspiration, admiration, outstanding, and exceptional. A recent overview comes from House and Shamir who see it as the ability of a leader to get an intense moral commitment and a strong identification from subordinates.

They list a number of qualities expected of a leader such as articulating the vision, passion, self-sacrifice, risk taking, and symbolic behaviours.

This type of leadership looks at behaviours associated with those who are not appointed to authority but assume leadership in other ways. Path-Goal Theory of Robert House The path-goal theory looks at what leaders must do to motivate people to perform well and to get satisfaction from work.

It draws on the expectancy theory of motivation and it has four leadership styles: One of the pioneers of the contingency school offered a continuum ranging from task-focused to people-focused leadership.

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He argued that the most effective style depended on the quality of relationships, relative power position between the leader and the led, and the nature of the task.

He distinguishes between tasks-oriented and relation-oriented leaders. Task behaviour focuses on defining roles and responsibilities, whereas relational behaviour is more about providing support to teams.

Good leaders are not born but made. Good leaders develop through a continuous process of self-study, education, training, and experience.Employee Training and Development and the Learning Organization strengthening their motivation and improving the reward and compensation systems according to the workers' performances.

Within the context of learning organization, it is not sufficient for the worker only to.

Analyzing leadership and motivation styles at tata steel

Rolled steel section, types of structural steel, specificationsStructure connections: Riveted, welded and bolted including High strength friction grip bolted joints– types of riveted bolted joints, assumptions. Leadership And Motivation Styles Of Tata Steel Management Essay.

Print After analyzing this case study about the Tata Group including Tata Steel and about its leaders like Jamshedji,JRD Tata, I can state about the discussion we had in week one in the class and also posted our discussions on the blackboard,that leadership cannot be . DISCUSSIONS After having the study of conceptual aspects of leadership style and approaches of leadership as well and the literature, the data relating to the performance of the Tata group of companies under the leadership of Ratan Tata the discussion reveals the following: ESTABLISHMENT OF CONTROL Ratan Tata took charge from J.R.D.

Tata, at. Tata Iron and Steel set up in comes under Tata group which is a private multinational firm with its headquarters at present chairman is Ratan Tata who took over from JRD Tata in With the continuous efforts,its operations covers many fields related to industry,application engineering,information technology,communications.

May 04,  · Organisational Structure and Culture of the Oceans 11 Team Executive Summary: The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)[1] wished to review how the Ocean’s 11 team was formed and discuss by putting a management development programme together, the organisational behavioural aspects of the group.

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