Compare contrast the baker and speech from

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Compare contrast the baker and speech from

Some people adopt a zero tolerance policy when it comes to filler words, believing that a few ruin the delivery and invalidate an otherwise solid speech. An occasional filler word does not trump passion and a great message.

Nonetheless, speakers should strive to minimize filler words. They contribute nothing, and weaken your effectiveness as as a speaker in two primary ways: Filler words represent verbal static that has to be filtered out by your audience.

Why say it if the audience has to immediately filter it out? Repeated and excessive use of filler words weakens your credibility. It may be perceived as indicating lack of preparation, lack of knowledge, or lack of passion.

All of these perceptions are bad for you. Want to learn more?

Compare contrast the baker and speech from

Filler Sounds — e. I would flip the switch for myself! Since the magic switch is elusive, here are the steps I recommend for minimizing these fillers. Step 1 — Assess how often you are using filler words.

Before you embark on an effort to extinguish filler words, you should assess how frequently you utter filler words in your presentations. There are three easy ways to do this: Recruit an audience member to track it and provide feedback.

Ask them not only to provide a count of each filler used, but also to comment on the impact.

Compare contrast the baker and speech from

Record your voice, and do an objective analysis. I occasionally do this with a digital voice recorder. This can be done non-obtrusively for nearly any speech you deliver. Record yourself on video.

This is marginally more obtrusive, but delivers more benefits. You get verbal feedback, but you also get to see the expressions on your face and what happens to your eyes when you are… uh… filling in words. Your goal in assessment is to answer the following: How often are you inserting filler words?

Are they undermining your credibility? Step 2 — Understand why you are doing it, and why it is unnecessary. Filler words — that is, filler sounds, filler words, and filler phrases — are inserted when our brain needs a moment to catch up to our mouth.

In certain contexts, filler words can serve a minor purpose. In the majority of public speaking situations, however, this is a completely useless signal.Write two paragraphs that compare and contrast both speeches in terms of their appeals to emotion.

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