Dutch phd thesis

The university argues that science should be independent from politics or religion political statements are also banned. The student refused to delete God from his acknowledgments and instead tore the whole page of acknowledgments out altogether. Is the university right to state that science should be independent from politics and religion, or is this a case of discrimination against religious persons? The university has refused to clarify their decision.

Dutch phd thesis

It was quite a happening, what with the pedel, seven examiners in full academic dress, two paranimfen to support me, and all m y friends and family present. This, of course, is not how it happens around the globe.

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In the Netherlands the PhD has to be published as a book before the defence takes place — in Germany this happens after the defence. You have a year to do that and only then you are officially awarded your degree.

The Dutch PhD defence is very formal: By the way, this is why it is a very good idea to prepare pieces of paper with the name of each opponent and the way you should address them. One of the quirks of the Dutch PhD defence is that you have two paranimfen at your side to answer questions for you if you get unwell, or even to physically defend you if the argument gets out of hand.

Nowadays paranimfen are better compared to best men or bridesmaids; they support you in the period leading to the defence and arrange all kinds of practicalities during the day itself.

No need anymore to choose tall, burly paranimfen! She in my case carries the ceremonial mace and leads the external examiners to their place. She also is the one who comes back after an hour to rescue you, stamping the mace on the ground and calling Hora est before leading the examiners out again.

Dutch phd thesis

And that is after exactly an hour — no matter who is speaking. In my case the last examiner had just begun asking his question, so he was rather abruptly cut off because the defence is then over you are only allowed to finish your sentence. Because this bluntness is normal for PhD defences in the Netherlands and rather fits our image of being very direct, it was funny that many of my friends and family were quite shocked by it!

Hora est is when the fun begins — first with a laudatio a speech by your supervisorthen a reception, and usually a party. Oh, and life without having to work on a PhD thesis!Post on Jul views. Category: Documents. 0 download. Report.

Dutch Phd Thesis

Mar 03,  · Last Friday was the PhD defense of a Dutch friend Frank. He is former university-mate of Wouter’s brother and sister-in-law and, along with Wouter, they have been a tight knit group ever since.

He finished his PhD thesis in Innovation Studies several months ago, but to make things extra special, he scheduled his defense for his .

Dutch phd thesis

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Tips for writing, reading, dealing with your supervisor, planning and much more Everything you need to know to keep on enjoying your PhD. Dutch PhD theses Recent PhD theses (from approximately on) from all universities in the Netherlands are available digitally through NARCIS, a database with free access.

However, in some cases also here a thesis may be under embargo temporarily and access to the full-text version of the thesis may only be granted at a later date.

Jan 20,  · A Dutch university (Wageningen University) prohibited a PhD student from thanking God in his thesis acknowledgments. The student, Jerke de Vries, wrote, “My Father God, thank You, it’s the most wonderful thing to be loved and honoured by You.”.

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