Essay on consumer rights awareness in india

Consumer Protection in India: Consumer awareness about their legitimate rights has been constantly growing in recent years. Consumer protection movement is a part of global recognition and concern that consumers are a weak party in buying goods and services as compared to the manufacturers and traders producing and selling them. Ideally, a market economy where firms compete to sell goods and services to the consumers should serve the interests of consumers better but more often than not the consumers are exploited by the adoption of unfair and restrictive trade practices.

Essay on consumer rights awareness in india

Essay on the Consumer Movement in India Words Article shared by The basic idea behind the consumer protection movement is protection of the right of consumers.

They were the right to information, the right to choose and the right to be heard. The Government of India also recognised these rights later. The consumer movement exercises a considerable influence on the socio-economic environment of business.

In a country like India where there is a high percentage of illiteracy among people, where people are less informed and where critical goods are always in short supply, the Government has a significant role in safeguarding the interests of consumers by promoting a climate of fair competition and preventing exploitation of consumers.

The consumer movement has changed it and sellers feel now it is a question of seller beware. The objective of the consumer movement is to secure the interests of the consumer against all types of unfair trade practices.

Consumerism as an effective and organised movement started in s in the USA. Ralph Nader has lifted consumerism into a major social force.

Consumerism may be defined as a social force within the environment designed to aid and protect the consumers by exerting legal, moral and economic pressures on business and government.

The consumer movement highlights the following four fundamental rights of consumers. To be protected against the marketing of goods which are hazardous to health or life?

Essay on consumer rights awareness in india

Right to be informed: To be assured access to a variety of products and services at competitive prices and in those industries in which Government regulations are substituted, to be assured satisfactory quality and service at fair price. Right to be Heard: To be assured that consumer interests will receive full and sympathetic consideration in the formulation of Government policy and fair and expeditious treatment in its administrative tribunals.

The following features of consumer movement are noteworthy: It is basically a protest movement. It is a mass movement in the sense that masses are the general body of consumers.

It is generally a non-official movement. Public and voluntary consumers, organisations initiate the movement. Though it is not a government-sponsored movement, it is recognised and backed up by the Government.

In a laissez-faire society, consumer was a king and he was free to choose. But the consumer sovereignty is a myth and the supposed benefit to the consumer accruing from perfect competition has not been realised.

The actual world is a world of imperfect or monopolistic competition and the consumer has only a limited amount of freedom in making purchase choices. As the manufacturer has the free choice to produce and sell his goods so the consumer should have the free choice to select from the range of products available.

Consumers as a class in our country are the only group of people who are so disorganised that they are being exploited all the time by other sectors of the economy—industry, labour and agriculture. Indian consumer is confronted with foodstuff and goods that are adulterated, substandard and unsafe, prices that are inflated and weights and measures that perennially short-change him.

We do not agree with Prof. Samuelson when he says that business of business is business. Business is not an island in itself. It is part and parcel of society as a whole. Hence it should be constantly alive and alert to the responsibilities to the society. Consumer protection movement is an attempt to make the businessmen aware of their social responsibilities.

Some legislative measures have already been taken by the Government to safeguard the interests of the Indian consumer. There are a wide range of enactments which operate to protect the consumer.

The Agricultural Produce Grading and Marketing Act, constitutes the basic law for the grading of agricultural produce. The Drugs and Cosmetics Act, regulates the import, manufacture, sale and distribution of drugs and cosmetics. The Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, aims at preventing the sale of impure foodstuff.A study on Consumer awareness towards flavored milk and fruit juices Market research By IFJAS RAHMAN.S 2K11MBA19 Department of Management Studies Fatima College(Autonomous) Madurai EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The whole study or research explains about the consumer’s awareness regarding fruit juices.

For this Ruby Products were taken into consideration Ruby Mango, Ruby . In , the Consumer Protection Act was passed by the Government of India. The Consumer Protection Act is famous as COPRA.

Need and importance of consumer awareness

The main objective of this act is to decide the complaints of the consumers immediately and to make legal proceeding easy. CONSUMER RIGHTS Rights 1 to 6 are directly guaranteed under the Consumer Protection Act while Rights 7&8 are implied under the Constitution of India.

1. Right to safety Right to be protected against marketing of goods which are hazardous to life and property. 2. Consumer Awareness, Protection and Education Council (Cape Council) is a voluntary consumer organization based in Bangalore.

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Essay on the Importance of Consumer Movement in India