Exploring the real purpose of our modern education

Share via Email Blending contemporary and classic styles: English teacher Sally Law wants her students to learn a broad range of texts. From our reading, we can begin to understand what it must have been like to live in a particular time, under certain conditions, in different parts of the world.

Exploring the real purpose of our modern education

October 26, at 5: I wrote something similar a while back: How to make money was something for the employer to teach the employee, etc. Education was an entirely different beast: And job-training takes precedence over learning the ideas and thoughts of the great writers of the world, because that is what people are paying for these days.

I wish schools and universities were separate from trade schools and apprenticeships, like they used to be.

What Is MODERN EDUCATION? by Lynn Torrance

October 26, at 8: Gabriel October 26, at Through Social Security in part the Government has told us that retirement is a right that everyone is entitled to.

This is simply not the case as you have pointed out.

Exploring the real purpose of our modern education

It is good to see people reading Approaching Zion. When ever I have tried to discuss its concepts with a few people it can create some bad feelings.

The book has the means of making you seriously question your motives in life. Hugh Nibley uses the scriptures brilliantly in helping people understand the way the Lord would have us live. Matthew Piccolo October 27, at October 27, at Bill October 28, at 9: Some have NO place in the industrialized world.

The industrialized world is low on agriculture and the arts. Because of these dearths in education, we end up with very well educated ignoramuses. Notice that agriculture in the classical sense is nowhere to be found. Only in a few areas of industrialized countries will you find agriculture classes.

Mostly only available in high school. Public education was pressed on the people of this country at the point of a gun. After a generation or two the gun was no longer necessary. People willfully submitted to the ignorance machine.

Once we are prepared to become a cog in the industrial machine, we will no longer have time to keep an eye on government.Modern education is a religion, the same religion Satan has been teaching man since the days of Adam and Eve (Gen.

,5), the religion of rebellion against the LAWS of God Almighty -- the religion of believing whatever seems good to you -- just as long as you label it Christian! Sep 06,  · Making sin-addicted sub-human slaves: the real purpose of modern education in a scientific dictatorship.

The Real Goals of Education

It is the purpose of education today, whether this education goes on in a one-room school in the mountains of Tennessee or in the most advanced, progressive school in a.

The True Purpose of College and Higher Education. In this modern-age, we prefer a more well defined, structured lifestyle, which includes our educational system. For organizational purposes, this is quite necessary in education, in order to fairly treat such a large number of students.

Philosophical Perspectives. Before formalized research, state constitutions, or legislative requirements, philosophers had already given a great deal of thought to the different purposes of education and schooling.

At a time when the common aim of those in education, certainly the majority of us, is to prepare pupils for a world that evolves at the speed of fibre-optics, the role of literature and its.

Exploring the Purpose of Public Education