Homesickness in international students

This is the first in a four-part series examining how international students adapt to living in the United States. This article discusses how international students deal with homesickness. As students prepare for Finals Week and the summer break that follows, more than 2, international students are also making plans for break. But unlike their peers, these students can't look forward to their mom's cooking or seeing their childhood friends.

Homesickness in international students

But once classes start and the newness of it all kicks in, the daily grind becomes fun and little by little you feel like you start fitting in.

Some tips for warding off homesickness as an international student

And then suddenly, when this place starts to feel a little bit like home, homesickness creeps in. So, how do we deal with it? If the feeling of homesickness starts building up, the best thing you can do is talk to someone. Plus, saying your feelings out loud helps you release the stress and feeling the support of your friends may be just what you need to understand that you also have a great community here.

Find people who can relate. Make sure you get plugged into the international student community at your school and attend their events. Embrace your cultural heritage and connect to students that are from similar places as you.

It will give you an excuse to speak your language, play your music, and maybe even making your favorite home-cooked meal. Stay connected but not too connected. Be honest and let them know how you feel and then create a strategy to figure this out.

Maybe your family group chat is giving you major FOMO. Whatever it is, make sure they are aware of how you feel so they can be part of the solution, instead of unknowingly make you even more homesick.How I beat homesickness, by an international student.

Read it. How I beat homesickness, by an international student.

Homesickness in international students

How I beat homesickness, by an international student (But "making friends as a solution", when most students struggle with that. Could be adapted/discussed in groups.

How to beat homesickness when studying in the UK

Homesickness is real. It creeps on you from your empty dorm room and makes its way to your heart in 5 seconds or less. It does't discriminate on its prey, it doesn't let you forget.

It reminds you of your lavender smelling sheets back home and your puppy's kind eyes. Suddenly everything seems scarie. The impact of homesickness is classically harmful and can lead to isolation, depression, and difficulties in adjustments for students arriving at the university (Constantine, et .

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This post is a part of our International Voices column, written by international UT students & staff, for UT students & staff. Enjoy! I’ve been pretty lucky during my time abroad to not experience a great deal of homesickness.

For example, if you’re an international student, join the international student club or organization. You’re bound to find others who are feeling the same way you are.

Remember that homesickness is completely normal among college students, especially if it’s your first time away from home.

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