Paper research web worldwide

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Paper research web worldwide

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Abstract The current research establishes a global benchmark for web accessibility by evaluating higher education home pages and national government web pages for United Nations member states.

Results show that overall, web pages around the globe have room for improvement on all rated dimensions of accessibility. Fewer than half of the items assessed on any criterion received a "pass" rating.

There is very little difference overall between education and government pages on accessibility.

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However, there are significance differences by country. Cluster analyses revealed a group of 39 countries whose web pages are significantly more accessible than others, and a subgroup of ten countries whose pages are especially more accessible.

The correlation between web accessibility and demographic variables provides insights into the characteristics of the more accessible countries.

International Research on Web Accessibility for Persons With Disabilities Researchers undertaking disability-related studies across nations and cultures face fundamental challenges.

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First, there is no universal concept of disability. For cultures that have embraced or are beginning to embrace technologies such as the Internet, the ability of persons with disabilities to participate is significantly impacted by the accessibility of these technologies.

Technology is made accessible in part by people with disabilities using assistive technologies-specialized tools that allow people with disabilities to perform functions that they otherwise would be unable to perform at all or without extreme difficulty.

Assistive technologies related to computer access include screen-reader software for people who are blind or dyslexic and speech input systems for people who are unable to operate a mouse or keyboard. However, there are still significant gaps in availability of assistive technology for poorer nations and in smaller language markets.

A second requirement for technology accessibility concerns the actual design of the technology device or system. On the Web, visual images are inaccessible to blind users unless the images are encoded with alternate text, which is read by screen readers and Braille output devices; multimedia content is inaccessible to users with hearing impairments unless captioned; and features that require a mouse are inaccessible to users who are unable to use a mouse.

The problem of web accessibility becomes larger as the web itself becomes larger and plays a growing critical role in commerce, education, and the dissemination of information and services worldwide.

The Computer Industry Almanac estimates that over one billion people worldwide use the Internet, expected to top two billion by At the start of the new century, approximately 50 percent of economic production in Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development OECD countries was generated by knowledge-based industries United National Development Programme, The Internet also plays a key role in the inter-country transfer of beliefs, knowledge and experiences, including those related to disability Mitchell, The Internet has potential to provide enormous benefits to individuals with disabilities worldwide, allowing them to communicate, learn, work, and participate in society in ways that might otherwise be unavailable.

However, it can also become a significant barrier. There are a total of 65 checkpoints, with each assigned a priority level of 1, 2, or 3, where Priority 1 checkpoints are the most critical for accessibility.

The WCAG provides the basis for many policies, guidelines, and laws related to web accessibility worldwide. The United Nations has worked for decades to promote accessibility, and has recently extended these efforts to include technology accessibility.

Article 9 of the Convention specifically calls for State Parties to ensure that persons with disabilities have access to information and communications technologies and systems. Despite the leadership of the United Nations, the availability of international web accessibility standards, and national laws and policies related to web accessibility, published studies have reported widespread inaccessibility of websites across a variety of societal sectors, including postsecondary education institutions in the United States e.

The United Nations commissioned the first global report on web accessibility Nomensa, The survey was "not intended to be exhaustive", and sought to obtain a "snapshot" of global web accessibility from a sample of home pages across 20 countries.

The following specific research questions are addressed in the present study: Are there significant differences in the accessibility of web pages across countries? Are there demographic predictors of web accessibility that might help us to understand why some nations are more inclined to address web accessibility than others?

Of the 15, URLs collected, researchers were able to connect to 12, pages higher education pages Selection of a Method for Evaluating Website Accessibility Most web accessibility studies have used an automated web accessibility evaluation software tool.

A few others e. FAE focuses on functional requirements that improve access to all users, including people with disabilities, rather than limiting its scope to a set of technical accessibility standards.

This approach helps to address issues of usability as well as accessibility. For the present research, a subset of indicators was selected that included measures related to economics, health, education, and technology.Builders and Innovators Summit Our seventh annual Builders + Innovators Summit on October , brought together emerging and seasoned entrepreneurs from a diverse set of industries.

Paper research web worldwide

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