Plum bun analysis essay

He's making a point with it, though.

Plum bun analysis essay

I stuck with it, though, because I believed it was useful to writers who were creating Native content. On Monday, Sep 24Sam Jonson submitted a comment to the post.


Oh, and about that author Beverly mentioned At the time I did not realize that this mask was considered sacred.

The Mohawks are one of the six nations of the Iroquois Confederacy. The reply confirmed my worst fears. At least she listened and revised her book. Thanks for chiming in Sam.

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Debbie has makes a strong case and argues it vigorously. The Quinault and Makah are well aware of this book and this conversation.

They are media savvy and have historians and cultural experts of their own. I listened to them in the making of the book and made amendments where they had concerns. I am still listening, should objections arise over time.

To date, nobody from either tribe has weighed in with a public request for a change to the text or communicated with me privately. Random House has been supportive of the concerns of the Quinault and Makah from the start and will gladly amend the text when it comes up for reprint.

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One of the things that Debbie has consistently advocated for is the recognition that American Indians are not a monolith and that each tribe must speak for themselves on matters of their own culture. So Debbie has given me much to think about and much that I consider in future writing; however, the final say for Written in Stone belongs not with her but with the Quinault and Makah themselves.

I have, as Parry notes, consistently advocated for recognition that we are not a monolith. Some nations have protocols on their sites, with instructions for writers.

My criticism of the book, according to her, is therefore, irrelevant. It seems to me that Parry thinks that criticism from anyone not of a particular nation can be ignored.

Do you read that line that way, too?Minnesota and Wisconsin; (September 10, ) – LHB, Inc.

Plum bun analysis essay

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Plum bun analysis essay

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