Reaction response thesis statement

Miller with the collaboration of Robert R. The frustration-aggression hypothesis is an attempt to state a relationship believed to be important in many different fields of research. It is intended to suggest to the student of human nature that when he sees aggression he should turn a suspicious eye on possibilities that the organism or group is confronted with frustration; and that when he views interference with individual or group habits, he should be on the look-out for, among other things, aggression.

Reaction response thesis statement

In many cases your instructor is expecting a particular kind of reaction, for example, a statement of whether you agree or disagree with the text and your reasons. Find out the specific expectations. Suggestions for Writing Summaries The following is a reading-writing process that works for many students when summarizing thesis-support articles.


You can adapt it for longer and different kinds of texts and to your own process, with guidance from your professor. Clarify the assignment - Know what process of thought is typically expected in summary papers.

Read Read the article all the way through without marking it, looking for the question the author is addressing and the answer the author is developing in response to the question the thesis or main point.

After you finish, write down one sentence that captures the main point of the article. Ordinarily you should be able to begin it with, "It is true that It is usually easier to see the thesis after you do this. Look back at the article to see if you can find the thesis stated explicitly.

Does this correspond to what you wrote? If not, look at the article again or reread if necessary until you feel fairly certain about the main point.

Organizing Your Reaction Paper

Now read the article again, marking the main points supporting the thesis and noting how the main points are tied together logically. The basic argument of thesis-support writing might be described as something like "This is true because and because and because and But another argument will be functioning as well.

Write Begin by citing the title, author, and source of the article.

Reaction response thesis statement

State the thesis in your own words and then, in your own words, as succinctly as possible describe each major point that supports the thesis, explaining the bare bones of the argument. Do not insert your own opinion anywhere.

Read your first draft outloud. Check for important omissions and unnecessary information and details. Check to see if it all makes sense. If you did not follow the first step, you can use the general guideline that a summary should be no longer than one-fourth the length of the original.

Cross out unnecessary words and note loosely constructed sentences. Revise in response to your notes on the first draft, tightening your writing.

ELECTRONIC SELF-CHECKOUT SYSTEM VS CASHIER OPERATED SYSTEM: A PERFORMANCE BASED COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS by Gregory E. Opara-Nadi . A response paper, sometimes called a reaction essay, is much like a formal review but calls for more of the writer's personal reaction and feeling. But the regular rules change a bit when you write a response paper. A response (or reaction) The last sentence of your introductory paragraph should contain a thesis statement. That. May 26,  · To write a reader response, develop a clear thesis statement and choose example passages from the text that support your thesis. Next, write an introduction paragraph that specifies the name of the text, the author, the subject matter, and your thesis. Then, include paragraphs that discuss and analyze the text. Finish up with a conclusion paragraph that summarizes your arguments .

Once you believe your summary is pretty much together, ask someone to read it critically.4-Write your opinion about or reaction to the text 9. 5- Share your ideas about the text/ discuss the article 6- Write the first draft of the response/reaction paper Paraphrasing methodsChange the vocabulary Change the verb formsChange the word classSynthesize pieces of information Cushing reflex (also referred to as the vasopressor response, the Cushing effect, the Cushing reaction, the Cushing phenomenon, the Cushing response, or Cushing's Law) is a physiological nervous system response to increased intracranial pressure (ICP) that results in Cushing's triad of increased blood pressure, irregular breathing, and bradycardia.

It is usually seen in the terminal stages of. The beginning of the Reaction essay should have a critical tone, contains a thesis statement that describes the total Reaction essay briefly and asserts your point of view.

The rest your points make up the body of the Reaction essay supporting your thesis statement. A response essay is the same with reaction paper. This kind of essay is usually ask by the teacher of what you think or feel about something you’ve watched or read. Guidelines on how to write a reaction paper should be followed properly for easy to respond to, think about the following questions.

If you are deeply involved in academic writing, you definitely face some grammar difficulties while working. It goes without saying that in order to complete a perfect paper, everything should be done properly, including grammar. After supporting your thesis statement with the body of your response or reaction essay, you'll then need to complete a conclusion, which is used to summarize what you have said and repeat your thesis/opinion.

Reaction response thesis statement
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