Smb write andx response rate

User interface The Network and Sharing Center The user interface for configuring, troubleshooting and working with network connections has changed significantly from prior versions of Windows as well.

Smb write andx response rate

Gootkit belongs to the category of Infostealers and Bankers therefore it aims to steal information available on infected machines and to hijack bank accounts to perform unwanted transactions. It has been around at least since and it seems being actively distributed in many countries, including Italy.

Previous reports about this threat can be found following this link: Malpedia Today we are going to dive into the analysis of a particular variant that came up the last week.

The infection vector is an email written in Italian. In this case adversaries used one of the most common social engineering techniques to trigger the user to open the attachment. If the user opens it, the native Javascript interpreter wscript.

Javascripts downloaders are a common payload delivery because a little obfuscation can be enough to make them very difficult to be detected by antivirus engines. First run of the sample in an automated environment revealed that something new was added in this version.

As we can see in the following images, malware authors added a new layer of protection to the malicious agent. The comparison has been made with a variant spread during December of in Italy.

Packed Gootkit In such cases, a malware analyst knows that he has to extract the original payload as fast as possible without losing time to try to understand the inner workings of this stage. A great open-source tool exists which can resolve the problem in a matter of seconds.

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Even though it does not always work, in this case it can dump the unmapped version of the original executable because the malicious software uses a technique called Process Hollowing a. In the image we can see that the 6th parameter of "CreateProcessW" was set to "4", indicating that the process will start in a suspended state.

smb write andx response rate

We are talking about a well known technique that is easily detectable with the monitoring of the Windows API calls that are needed to perform the injection. But here comes the trick.

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The most important ones that are used by monitoring applications to detect the technique were missing: After some shellcode injections inside its memory space, the process executes a call to IsWow64Process API that is used by the application to understand if the process is running under the WOW64 environment Wiki: The result of this check is used to run two different paths of code but with the same scope: This means that, in this way, classic user-level monitoring tools would not catch these calls and the RunPE technique would remain unnoticed.

For further details, this method was deeply explained in this blog MalwareBytes Going back to the point, the first stage resulted more complicated than expected because it pushed over the limits of obfuscation and stealthiness with the combination of various techniques. Gaining a foothold At this point we can proceed with the analysis of the unpacked Gootkit.

If it exists, the process would terminate itself. But how mutexes works? Mutexes are used as a locking mechanism to serialize access to a resource on the system.

The fascinating thing about mutexes is that they are a double-edged weapon: Zeltser blog This means that this is a great indicator of compromise that we can use not only to detect the infection but also to prevent it. Moving on, we found that malware authors implemented a lot of checks to understand if the malware is running inside a virtual environment.

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Some of them are: After that, we encountered the implementation of a particular persistence mechanism that it seems Gootkit has been using for many months: Briefly, the infostealer generates a INF file with the same filename of itself. Content of the INF file: It seems that this technique was reported to be used only by Gootkit.

For example, the famous SysInternal Autoruns tool, that should be able to show all the programs that are configured to run on system bootup or login, fails the detection of this persistence method. Stepping through the code, we noticed that, at runtime, Gootkit decrypts the strings it uses with a custom algorithm to evade static analysis detection of anomalous behaviour.


An exhaustive explanation of the decryption routine can be found here: In particular one of the headers caught my attention: The response that arrives from the previous connection contains the final stage of Gootkit, configured to work properly on the infected machine.

Afterwards the flow of execution is transferred to the start of the injected code. At this time we decided to stop our analysis and leave the rest to future work.Jul 08,  · This issue can be caused by several reasons. Can you access shares on the Samba server properly?

Do you have a firewall on the Windows 7 computer? Outbound scan rate (s 1): Detects local hosts that conduct high-rate scans across large sets of external addresses.

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28 SMB Write AndX Response, FID: 0x, bytes 29 -> SMB Read AndX Request, FID: 0x, bytes at offset 0 Initiating Egg download. AppInternals API Query for End-To-End Response Time - duration metric returning null summary values SteelCentral Luke B February 7, at AM Number of Views 31 Number of Likes 0 .

Windows NT Server correctly processes AndX chains consisting of SMB_COM_READ_ANDX and SMB_COM_CLOSE, but does not correctly set the AndXCommand field in the response message.

Windows NT Server always sets the value of AndXCommand in the SMB_COM_READ_ANDX response to . response URLs that return various kinds of errors. Note: Because bypass entries bypass Blue Coat policy, the feature should be used the data and that it is okay to write the next block.

Simultaneously, the ProxySG sends the data over For SESSION_SETUP_ANDX SMB command. For LOGOFF_ANDX SMB command. For removal of cached session from. Troubleshooting Write AndX Response and Request. 0 Since SMB is a block orientated protocol (and not stream orientated), there will be a roundtrip delay for each block.

From Y to X, I see the AndX Request and that is immediately followed by the AndX Response. I see this same behavior in the transfers I did today from Z to Y.

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