Thesis manganites

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Thesis manganites

Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Cuprates and Manganites. The aim of the study has been to investigate the electronic structure of these materials. We have also investigated the influence of surface termination effects by using different methods of cleaving the samples.

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This reveals that the topmost layer can be either La-O or Cu-O, giving rise to remarked different photoelectron spectra. We have performed angular resolved measurements showing that by choosing a proper photon energy and experimental geometry, an electron-like Fermi surface can clearly be seen centered at the G-point.

Magnetoresistant materials such as the La1-xSrxMnO3 exhibit a complicated phase diagram as function of doping and temperature.

Thesis manganites

Many questions remain to be answered regarding their electronic and magnetic structure. By core level spectroscopy on single crystal in a wide doping region and for different temperatures temperature.

Doping and temperature dependent shifts were seen in the core levels, reflecting the changes in screening and band filling connected to the different regime in the phase diagram. The properties of the states in the valence band and close to the Fermi level are of fundamental importance of describing the electronic properties of the complex metal oxides.

Up to now, few systematic studies of the valence band with respect to doping and temperature have been performed. By angular resolved and angular integrated valence band spectroscopy on single crystals we have observed binding energy shifts of the spectral features in the valence band for increasing Sr concentration, as well as an increase of the density of states close to the Fermi level.

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A feature, which has not previously been observed, was found in the valence band. Resonant photoemission close to the Mn 2p threshold shows that this feature is related to Mn states.

The nature of this feature is discussed in terms of band structure and Mn 3d orbital orientation.The chapter 1 of the thesis gives an introduction to manganites, and of how manganites are susceptible to various perturbations due to closely lying ground states and an intricate interplay of their charge, spin and lattice degrees of freedom.

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transition-metal oxides (manganites, cuprates), thin fllms, artiflcial multilayers, expanded- metal molecular crystals, electrides.

Thesis manganites

Superconducting and mangetic . Research output: Thesis › Doctoral Thesis (compilation) Harvard Leandersson, M , ' Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Cuprates and Manganites ', Doctor, Synchrotron Radiation Research.

Double perovskite manganites with a general formula A2BB’O6or AA’bb’o6(where A and A’ are alkaline-earth and/or rare-earth metals and B and B’are manganese and other transition metals) have attracted.

visualizing cross-coupled orders in multiferroic hexagonal manganites with scanning force microscopies by yanan geng a dissertation submitted to the. This thesis reports a careful study of the electronic and magnetic properties for a range of samples with slightly varying Calcium doping around at the metal-insulator phaseboundary, and observe that both calcium doping and the actual Mn4+ content play equally important roles. Abstract Thesis Title: Orbital Ordering in the Layered Manganites Author: Thomas A. W. Beale The interaction between the long range correlations of electrons and the encompassing crystal.
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