Weeding out terrorism on the home front

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Weeding out terrorism on the home front

And Was He Killed in ? Did Swissair Flight land at an Airbase? And those of you without access to a bank account in India are expected to hang on these currency notes as souvenirs.

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A very big portion of these notes was being counterfeited by a foreign power s. As I have said beforemy economic perspective has always been that of the Austrian School of Economics, which advocates gold-backed currency or gold as currency.

One of the notes that is now illegal to use. It features Mahatma Gandhi leading his followers…. The Demonetisation was necessary because Pakistan was counterfeiting Indian money in very large numbers Credit: Also provided was an intaglio printing press.

This special printing press ensures that the etched plate meets paper with tremendous force, creating the distinctive embossed feel of a genuine banknote.

In addition, the Shah was also given the ink and banknote quality paper enabling him to produce perfect counterfeit US Dollar banknotes. The Shah later fled Iran and left the plates and press behind in his confusion. The whole caboodle sat in the mint at Tehran, according to some experts.

Weeding out terrorism on the home front

If India is indeed dealing with a Western Intelligence Agency, they will not be able to stay one step ahead for long. And this only strengthens the case for gold. A gold-based currency would easily solve the problem of counterfeit currency.

Gold exists in rather small quantities. Counterfeiting gold coin or gold thread in note paper would require mixing actual gold with alloys, making it an expensive undertaking, compared to the process of duplicating paper currency. A gold-backed currency could be easily counterfeited.

There is another reason why a gold-backed or gold-based currency is suitable for India. Although the people of the Subcontinent may have never cared to acknowledge it, they have already subscribed to the ideals of the Austrian School of Economics ages before it came into existence.

The volatile political climate of India which featured repeated invasions and economic disruptions, meant that most Indians were always skeptical of paper currency and instead preferred gold.

As a result, most well-to-do Hindus also doubled as amateur goldsmiths. A Turkic-Muslim ruler Mohammed Bin Tughluq tried to force a brass and copper currency and then a leather one but failed miserably.

India is the biggest producer of gold jewelry. And Indian gold jewelry is more oriented towards weight and mass, rather than the delicacy and ornateness of Western jewelry. This is because gold jewelry is considered as an investment or a source of emergency funds for women.

Another great argument for gold-based currency in India is that Indians have already become adept at determining the purity of gold, which is done using simple instruments as opposed to the sophisticated electronic gadgets that are used to detect counterfeits in banknotes.

Very rarely do Governments officially endorse a Conspiracy Theory.

TERRORISM AND THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Mujahid Kamran. February 27, On the home front, Many a time those trapped in the terrorism net laid out for them by the agencies, which guide and goad them through their undercover operatives, are immigrants. The world is now overflowing with immigrants. TERRORISM AND COUNTER-TERRORISM: SPOTLIGHT ON STRATEGIES AND APPROACHES. The British War on Terror: Terrorism and Counterterrorism on the Home Front Since (Steve Hewitt) Snitch!: Zenko rightly points out that the above is indicative of an irrational fear of. Soviet–Afghan War Part of the Wars in Afghanistan and the Cold War Mujahideen fighters in the Kunar Province of Afghanistan in Date December 24, – February 15, (9 years, 1 month, 3 weeks and 1 day) Location Afghanistan Result Soviet failure to quell the Afghan mujahideen insurgency Geneva Accord () Withdrawal of Soviet forces from Afghanistan Continuation of the Afghan.

But this is exactly what happened on 9th November Several unanswered questions remain. Governments usually never release estimates of counterfeits in circulation, because this undermines faith in their currency.

Yet fingers were pointed to sudden increases in the circulation of large denomination notes, causing irreparable damage to the Indian Rupee. Outsiders with connections to India will be careful to always get rid of their Indian Rupees rather than once again being stuck with a wad of them.

Why was the Demonetisation not restricted to sensitive areas where such counterfeit Rupees were allegedly being used, such as Indian Kashmir? The biggest argument against this Conspiracy Theory is that the Demonetisation may have actually helped counterfeiters of all shades exchange their bad notes for good ones.

Banks were working overtime, with their tired, grumpy staff having minimal time and attention for detecting counterfeit currency. But again, the rush of patriotism was a welcome relief for the Modi Government. The poor guy standing in line in front of the bank momentarily became euphoric of the many jawans he had saved on the border.The sudden demonetisation of large denomination currency notes by the Government of India on 9th November has created a mix of shock, horror, confusion, speculation and conspiracy theories across the Subcontinent.

The Government of India, led by BJP Prime Minister Narendra Modi, claimed that this was a necessary measure because, These large denomination notes were being used to . TERRORISM AND THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Mujahid Kamran. February 27, On the home front, Many a time those trapped in the terrorism net laid out for them by the agencies, which guide and goad them through their undercover operatives, are immigrants. The world is now overflowing with immigrants.

Upon arriving home, a husband was met at the door by his sobbing wife. Tearfully she explained "It's the pharmacist.

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He insulted me terribly this morning on the phone". Last updated August 28, During these times where executive orders from Washington are not promoting a welcoming climate for immigrants, refugees and asylees, cities in upstate New York choose to do the opposite.

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