Why prostitution shouldnt be legal

Raymond, Coalition Against Trafficking in Women International CATWMarch 25, Summary The following arguments apply to all state-sponsored forms of prostitution, including but not limited to full-scale legalization of brothels and pimping, decriminalization of the sex industry, regulating prostitution by laws such as registering or mandating health checks for women in prostitution, or any system in which prostitution is recognized as "sex work" or advocated as an employment choice. As countries are considering legalizing and decriminalizing the sex industry, we urge you to consider the ways in which legitimating prostitution as "work" does not empower the women in prostitution but does everything to strengthen the sex industry.

Why prostitution shouldnt be legal

Decriminalising all aspects of prostitution — including brothel-owning and sex-buying — will, according to this argument, make life safer for these women, and also make it easier to root out abuse.

The position favoured by every sex trade survivor I have interviewed is: Decriminalising the selling of sex — so that only buyers are breaking the law — means prostitutes themselves are not penalised. But even where only the buying of sex is a criminal offence, it is argued, prostituted women are forced to take risks.

Why prostitution shouldnt be legal

In recent years this argument has made big advances. In the Netherlands made formal what had already been acceptable for some years, and lifted the ban on brothelsin effect legalising the sex trade.

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Three years later the New Zealand government passed, by one vote, the New Zealand Prostitution Reform Act which decriminalised street-based prostitution and brothel-keeping. The opposite, abolitionist position — favoured by feminists including myself, and every sex trade survivor I have interviewed — is: There is no way to make it safe, and it should be possible to eradicate it.

Abolitionists do not consider prostitution to be about sex or sexual identity, but rather a one-sided exploitative exchange rooted in male power. They believe the progressive solution to the sex trade is to assist women to exit, and criminalise those who drive the demand. If prostitution is framed as work, it stands to reason that the workers require rights.

The fact that the brothel this young woman was being sold from was legally sanctioned and seen as a business — no different from a restaurant — meant that the pimp was able to present herself as doing her employee a favour by giving her a job.

In the UK the argument in favour of decriminalisation has won support from trade unions. Inhaving observed the growing influence of the International Union of Sex WorkersI decided to look into its background and membership.


One of its members, and a spokesman, was Douglas Fox, who has been active in the Conservative party and Amnesty UKand co-owner of a large escort agency. He proposed a motion for blanket decriminalisation of the sex trade at the Amnesty International annual general meeting in Seven years later, this became Amnesty policy.

Elsewhere a similar pattern can be seen. Almost immediately after an umbrella movement aimed at criminalising the buying of sex — Turn Off the Red Light — was formed in Ireland, a counter-campaign named Turn Off the Blue Light was up and running.

It turned out a convicted pimp, Peter McCormickwas bankrolling it. Another activist is John Davies, currently serving 12 years in prison for charity fraud.Abolitionists do not consider prostitution to be about sex or sexual identity, but rather a one-sided exploitative exchange rooted in male power.

Nevada only allows prostitution in licensed brothels that test workers routinely for sexually transmitted infections. While Love is not the first to observe legal prostitution can be relatively.

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Another important reason why prostitution should be legalized is because it could be a potential solution to fight human trafficking. While prohibitionists claim that decriminalizing prostitution and related activities – including pimping and maintaining of brothels – encourages the growth of human trafficking, recent reports and studies don’t support .

Prostitution is not work; it is exploitation. The term "prostituted women" honours the personhood of the women involved without sanitizing the industry of its inherent . Top 10 Reasons Prostitution Should Be Illegal Top 10 Reasons Prostitution Should Always Be Illegal So many myths surround prostitution; it is the world’s oldest profession, it empowers women and can be a route, Pretty Woman style, to a new life.

Why Prostitution Should Be Legal "Sex workers are, for the most part, just ordinary women who are doing a job." By Jennifer Wright. Apr 26, Getty “But what if it was your daughter?


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