Write a compound sentence using but

Yet whatever their shapes and lengths or typesall sentences serve one of only a few very basic purposes. Sentence Type Sentence variety is not about mere novelty; it is about meaning.

Write a compound sentence using but

In its simplest form, a simple sentence consists of a subject and a verb. We can add more meaning to the sentence by including qualifiers, objects, complements etc. Sitting on a branch, the monkey gibbered. The little girl was carrying a basket on her head. Compound sentence A compound sentence is made up of two or more independent clauses.

The boys sang and the girls danced. This compound sentence consists of two simple clauses connected by the coordinating conjunction and. Another example is given below.

Men may come and men may go, but I go on forever. This compound sentence consists of three independent clauses. We make compound sentences by joining independent clauses with the help of coordinating conjunctions.

More examples of compound sentences are given below.

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You may watch TV or you can go out to play. You should either sit quietly or go out. The old man could neither see nor hear. He is famous, yet he is very humble. She was angry, still she kept her cool. The thieves not only robbed the man of his possessions, but also inflicted injuries on him.

Notes The words however, therefore and nevertheless are not conjunctions. They cannot be used to connect two independent clauses.

write a compound sentence using but

My car broke down on the way; therefore, I hired a taxi. NOT My car broke down on the way, therefore I hired a taxi. He lost all his money; nevertheless, he is cheerful.In this lesson you will learn how to form a simple sentence by using a subject and a verb in a complete thought.

timberdesignmag.com Consult general and specialized reference materials (e.g., dictionaries, glossaries, thesauruses), both print and digital, to find the pronunciation of a word or determine or clarify its precise meaning or its part of speech. Complex Sentence - Even though he suffered from arthritis, he studied hard because he wanted to go to medical school.

Notice how the subordinating conjunction adds additional meaning to the sentence. The last two sentences tell us why he studied. • If the sentence is complete, write “complete” in the blank underneath.

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• If the sentence is incomplete, rewrite the sentence making it complete. Answers will vary when rewriting as complete sentences.

Use compound sentences to create complex communications, adding detail and richness to what otherwise would be a less informative simple sentence.

Compound sentences can be used to add rationale, to make a simple sentence more persuasive.

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Coordinating Conjunction Using coordinating conjunctions is a great way and very important when writing compound sentences. The most widely used ones are and, but, or, so, yet, nor and for.

They should all be used by placing commas in front of them to stretch a sentence beyond the limit it usually would be.

Compound Sentences Examples