Write an article on corruption in nigeria politics

Background[ edit ] The Center for American Progress has attributed corruption in Afghanistan to decades of conflict that have prevented the formation of effective state institutions and civil society groups, to laws and regulations that are poorly enforced, to anti-corruption agencies that often contradict one another and lack resources, and to the fact that soldiers and police are often illiterate and public employees often underpaid and undertrained.

Write an article on corruption in nigeria politics

Adams Oshiomhole current governor of Edo state has been hot in the news recently. Following the victory of Buhari and the APC in the recent polls both at national and state levels, Oshiomhole appears to be assuming a larger profile in national matters particularly where it concerns the management of the nations treasury and oil wealth.

The issues Oshiomhole has been harping on are serious matters and deserve to be clarified with utmost seriousness and sense of responsibility.

The way and manner in which his body was mutilated was most brutal, inhuman and condemnable. Rivers State Governor, Rt. It is no longer news that the indefinite strike embarked upon by the Nigerian Medical Association NMAan association of medical doctors in Nigeria, will have entered its fourth week by the time this piece will be published.

I have listened to several discussions on electronic media by representatives of the doctors attempting to explain themselves and justify their decisions to embark on the strike, and regrettably, every such attempt left more unanswered questions.

In trying to justify their action, the leadership of the NMA always plays to the populist gallery of the parlous health status of our health institutions while the real motive is enhanced emolument.Post Colonial Politics Of Nigeria - Post-colonial politics in Nigeria are born out of civil strife, and military dictatorships.

A major impetus for political schism in Nigeria was the Biafran war. By February , Nigeria will overtake India as the country with the most people in extreme timberdesignmag.com context, India has 5 times the population of Nigeria.

write an article on corruption in nigeria politics

Political Corruption: Causes, Effects and Remedies Introduction Corruption is like a parasite1; that resides in the body and feeds from the essential nutrients being given to the being. This parasite is growing at a rapid pace .

Corruption takes many shapes, starting with embezzlement, bribery, rituals, rigging in elections and so on. In fact, corruption is highest in the political system.

In both the Senate and the House of Representatives, corruption is seen as normal. Corruption in Russia is perceived to be a significant problem, impacting all aspects of administration, law enforcement, healthcare and education. The phenomenon of corruption is strongly established in the historical model of public governance in Russia and attributed to general weakness of rule of law in Russia.

Transparency International's Corruption Perception Index ranks the country. Another area of focus cited by Jonathan was the reformation of the electoral process.

write an article on corruption in nigeria politics

Noting the irregularities associated with the presidential election, he vowed to make fair and transparent elections a priority, beginning with those scheduled for

Nigeria Is Set To Become The Poverty Capital Of The World By