Writing a silent short film

Peter Jackson does it all the time Share to: No, Silent Hill is not a silent movie. The technology did not exist yet to put sound on film.

Writing a silent short film

For their next two movies, she and the other members of the Port Arthur Amateur Cinema Society chose particular "genres" or types of movies and then she wrote the scripts to suit the available characters and settings. The components of any script include the following: Plot or story line Characters Setting A script also includes directions to the actors regarding their movements in front of the camera.

This is especially true for silent movies, because the actors must tell their stories without speech. Include a beginning, middle and end. Introduce your main characters, setting and conflict or point of difficulty early in the film.

Capture the attention of your audience. Give more information about the characters and the problem or difficulty they are experiencing. The excitement, anticipation, mystery or suspense should build during the middle. For example, actions that leads to the downfall of the villain, or the recovery of the hero or heroine.

This includes the high point or climax of the story. The problem or difficulty is resolved; the truth is revealed.

Plot out the scenes required to tell the story. Also consider the number of characters required; if you are really going to make this movie, it is probably better to consider the number of actors in your filmmaking group.

Now break the story into scenes. Each scene will be a complete section of the story, telling one part or presenting one idea, like a paragraph in an essay.

Identify the set required for each scene. What are the characters wearing? Are there any special props? Make sure to list all props, costumes and setting details.

writing a silent short film

You will shoot all of the interior scenes at once, and then the exterior scenes. This means that you will not be filming in the order that the action occurs, but rather, by location. For example, Dolly looked surprised and upset after the phone call.

The bank robber walked stealthily up the stairs. They should act out their emotions and ideas. Now go through your scenes and think about lighting and the use of the camera. Is this going to be a wide angle shot? Use the camera to capture the main idea, to create a mood, or to express how the character is feeling.

Make notes in your script about the shots you will want. Include notes about sequencing and the passage of time in your script. C Edit Once you have made your notes, have someone read your script over. Are the scenes too long?

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Are all of the scenes necessary? Most importantly, will you have enough actors to film the movie? Choose a short story that has a few characters and takes place in only a few locations.

Using the guidelines given here, write the script. Have someone else read your script to see if you have included everything.A short fiction film I shot on super 8mm for a film class. The story is a tad brief in places, I had light meter problems at one point and some of the footage didn't turn out, so I had to rewrite some things.

The Silent Film Society of Chicago, founded in , has ensured that silent films can still be seen at three art deco theaters in Chicago: The Arcada, The Pickwick and The Portage.

On the whole, however, silent movies still lead a fairly marginal existence today. 8 Tips for Making Silent Movies.

bring your camera with you as much as possible, and record short movement clips. Store these in a folder to draw on for future projects. not writing a book. 8. Test your Film.

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Run your film by a variety of test viewers to make sure they understand anything you want them to understand, and edit according. Posts Tagged with "silent short film" ‘#Victim ’: Local filmmaker Antwon Rollins’ horror short selected for SF Black Film Fest.

May 21, When people mention horror, they may think of Alfred Hitchcock or Stephen King. Now we have Antwon Rollins, a Black man, whose mind is immersed in writing and shooting horror, but who is able to. The film manages remarkably well to be as funny as his short-films while developing a full-blown narrative.

Keaton’s famous stone-face makes him the perfect underdog, fighting villains and romancing leading-lady Marceline Day. Sep 15,  · A short horror film would be a good to do as a silent- as people would be able to follow it easy. -OR- Take a look at some of the old Charlie Chaplin ones, for some good old timberdesignmag.com: Resolved.

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